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Berrie Pelser
Ber|Art Visual Design VOF We create & maintain your online appearance WordPress SEO Cloud Hosting Social Media - 25K+
Breda Area, Netherlands | Internet

My name is @BerriePelser, since 1999 co-owner of Ber|Art Visual Design V.O.F. Our company is been grown to a full service bureau for complete managed business internet sites that we are hosting in our own secure and fast Cloud. We are specialized in WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Integration and Social Media Strategy. -- Contact us on: or look at

Owner (1999 - Aanwezig)
Ber|Art Visual Design VOF
Partnership, 2-10, Internet

Ber|Art Visual Design V.O.F. delivers high-end secure (PCI-Compliant) WordPress, Typo3 and Magento Linux Cloud VPS Hosting with professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plus Social Media (Social Network) integration, branding and strategy. See: - /@BerriePelser

Professioneel WordPress Trainer (2014 - Aanwezig)
WordPress Website Training

WordPress and Avada Starter, Professional and Expert Website Training - Wij verzorgen een WordPress Website Training (ook Avada) voor elk niveau. (English on request)

Ambassador of The Netherlands (2017 - Aanwezig)
World innovations Forum
Privately Held, 11-50, Internationale handel en ontwikkeling

The World Innovations Forum is “enabling a global exchange for innovative minds” helping entrepreneurs bringing their solutions successfully to global markets – beyond just inventing. In the next 20 years we want to double the startup success rate. The WIForum is helping giving the innovation community from The Netherlands a voice in the World Innovations Forum.

Lid Ouderraad (2015 - Aanwezig)
OLV Lyceum Breda

De ouderraad van het OLV Lyceum Breda heeft als doel de samenwerking tussen schoolbestuur, personeel en ouders te bevorderen. We doen dat op verschillende manieren. Allereerst door vraagbaak en spreekbuis te zijn voor zowel ouders als leerlingen. Daarnaast organiseren we jaarlijks diverse activiteiten.

Strategic Partner (2014 - Aanwezig)
Privately Held, 11-50, Informatietechnologie en services

appearoo is an amazing software tool that stimulates the democratization of influence. It helps you gain more online influence by making it easy to involve more people in what's important to you. The tool significantly raises the level of attention for your online appearance and helps better leverage your content and grows your followers. Users automatically apply simple techniques to become much more influential.

Global Associate (2014 - Aanwezig)
beCause Global Consulting

Among our consortium of Global Associates, we have a presence in The Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and The Middle East with multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary capabilities. Our Associates augment beCause core Services with additional specific capacities in social media, sustainability, conflict resolution, entrepreneurship, executive search, gender equity, design, public relations and more.

VIP Partner (2011 - Aanwezig)

XeeMe is a startup, mid and late stage accelerator, helping entrepreneurs to significantly increase market traction and being well prepared for upcoming investment rounds. The Accelerator boasts one of the highest funding rates in the industry. The organization’s unique ability to grow traction is based on highly skilled entrepreneurs who showed traction many times over, innovative Buzz Marketing Technology, and helping teams to transition from self promotion to advocacy. Entrepreneurs can come for 12 weeks to San Francisco or Berlin, or participate in the online model and can join from all over the world.

Partner (2012 - Aanwezig)
Privately Held, 51-200, Durfkapitaal

At Society3 we are working on helping brands and high networked individuals to create a higher impact in the social web. We do that by providing applications and services that help organize and manage professional social brand presences and maximizes social media impact by turning engagement into actionable responses. As a result we are able to jointly create awareness campaigns or buzz with up to a 100 Million in reach.

Leader (2014 - Aanwezig)
Empire Avenue
Privately Held, 2-10, Informatietechnologie en services

Really take your Empire Avenue use to the next level! With the Empire Avenue Leaders Upgrade you will be able to get more Eaves, expand your portfolio faster, run more missions with more visibility! Get the Empire Avenue Leaders Upgrade Today!

Co Owner (2013 - Aanwezig)
Social Media Talk
Public Company, 2-10, Internet


Wij geloven dat Social Media de manier waarop we nu zaken doen fundamenteel zal veranderen en we denken dat traditionele cold hunting sales "push" [accountmanagers, verkopers, telesales, verkoopadviseurs] binnen een aantal jaar ongeveer nog 20% van de organisatie zal gaan uitmaken en de focus nog meer komt te liggen op Social Media, Social Selling en Online Marketing strategie "pull".

Traditionele Salesmethodieken zijn wat ons betreft hetzelfde als vandaag nog een faxmailing sturen....het is duur, het is traag, het converteert niet en je bereikt er niemand meer mee. Toch zijn er nog veel organisaties die het meeste budget in salesafdelingen stoppen omdat dit nu eenmaal bekend terrein is en Social Media, Social Selling nog niet serieus genoeg genomen wordt. Ook ontbreekt de juiste kennis om overstag te gaan.

Managing Partner (2013 - Aanwezig)
Public Company, 2-10, Internet

Online 24/7 havenreservering Moorage
Een online havenreservering voor rederijen en schippers. Geschikt voor elke haven waarin zeevaart, cruiseschepen, binnenvaart en pleziervaart aanleggen. Schippers en rederijen kunnen vooraf online aanlegplaatsen in de haven(s) reserveren.

Moorage – altijd zeker van een aanlegplaats in de haven
Complete software inclusief afrekensysteem, website en social media koppeling en marketing. De beste oplossing voor havendiensten. 24/7 online – altijd bereikbaar via internet op smartphone, tablet en natuurlijk pc.